I’m a freelance journalist originally from western Canada, based in central and eastern Europe. I write about international social and political issues, with a focus these days on nationalism and the far-right. I also take lots of photos.

Some of my words, photos and voice over 2018:

  • The Forward: why Ukraine’s far-right, face-punchy elements and all, is a real problem and not a figment of Kremlin propaganda (December 2018)
  • Haaretz: how Hungary’s Viktor Orban won big by blaming all his country’s problems on a Jew (April 2018)
  • The New Republic: how a walk around Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv tells a complicated story about Ukraine five years after the revolution (November 2018)
  • The Nation: why ethnic nationalism still rules Bosnia, and why it could get worse (w/ Una Hajdari, October 2018)
  • Christian Science Monitor: how a Turkish-funded mosque is stirring up old resentments in Albania’s capital, Tirana (w/ Maxim Edwards, part of a Reporters in the Field grant, September 2018)
  • Haaretz: photos, video and words from the neo-Nazi Lukov March in Sofia, Bulgaria (February 2018)
  • Foreign Policy: 25 years later, what the sad story of Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic tells us about the politics of memory in Bosnia (July 2018)
  • Haaretz: how the long arm of Erdogan’s anti-Gulen crusade reached deep into Kosovo (w/ Maxim Edwards, reporting from Una Hajdari, part of a Reporters in the Field grant, August 2018)
  • Foreign Policy: why Milorad Dodik (the Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency) isn’t necessarily about to break up the country, despite what he says (October 2018)
  • Haaretz: my words and photos about the Bulgarian capital’s swastika epidemic (November 2018)
  • Foreign Policy: why, at Croatia’s World Cup celebrations, a Nazi-sympathizing singer was allowed to join the party (w/ Una Hajdari, July 2018)
  • ABC Radio National’s Late Night Live: My less-than-soothing baritone voice and I are regular contributors to Phillip Adams’ show, whether talking about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the Sea of Azov, politics in the Balkans and Russian disinformation¬†and propaganda

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