I’m a freelance journalist originally from western Canada, based now in Prague.

I write about international social and political issues, from mental health/addictions and (im)migration and refugees to “fake news” and the far-right, with a focus these days on central and eastern Europe.

Some of my words, photos and voice:

  • Coda Story: the Czech Republic’s phantom Muslim menace (February 2017) and the strange story of Bulgaria’s Russophile movement (September 2017)
  • Haaretz: How the far-right across Europe is using “philosemitism” to battle Muslims (October 2017)
  • Foreign Policy: a critical look at the Czech ‘anti-fake news’ centre (September 2017)
  • World Policy On Air: talking about the strange world of homegrown pro-Russian propaganda in Bulgaria (June 2017)
  • oDR: the women at the centre of Ukraine’s resurgent HIV epidemic (March 2017)
  • Haaretz: how a bunch of alleged Nazi fanboys became one of the most popular parties in Slovakia (August 2017)
  • Daily Xtra: Kyiv, Ukraine’s most recent Pride march and the far-right forces who tried to stop it
  • CBC, on people internally displaced by war in Ukraine (June 2016)

I also blog about the occasionally-boring finer points of opinion polls and sociological/attitudinal surveys, particularly when I see numbers and findings that make me grumpy.

By way of background, I spent eight years after my MA working as a social/health researcher in Canada and the UK, working on everything from First Nation and Inuit mental health in Canada to big public health surveys in the UK. And now I do this.


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